column of Yonatan Samarno's brother
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Hours before the announcement of his murder: the heartbreaking column of Yonatan Samerano’s brother Israel Today

After 58 days, the death of Yonatan Mordechai Samerano, defined as an abductee in Gaza, was determined. Last night (Sunday) the father of the family, Kobi, published the mourning notice on his Facebook account. Hours before the announcement of his murder, his brother, Yair Samerano (18), wrote a heartbreaking column:

“I miss my brother, Jonathan. For his laughs, for his joy. Two whole months feel like one long day that never ends. For two whole months I’ve been waiting to see him, his smile, a smile that I hope will remain on his beautiful face even when he returns from the captivity of Hamas, even after everything he’s been through – and like me, all families want to welcome their loved ones.

Almost two months that we don’t really have a life. No desire for anything, no taste for food, no day and no night. Every video, every phone call and every piece of news jumps out. Jonathan is my only brother, two months when me, mom and dad can barely breathe.

137 abductees have been held captive by Hamas for almost two months, beautiful people who all went out dancing, young soldiers who enlisted to contribute to the state, citizens who were kidnapped from their homes in their pajamas, from the place where they felt the safest in the world. Women, children, young and old – all were kidnapped and all must return.

I am happy for those who have returned, but my brother is not worth less than any child or woman who has been freed so far, they should all be freed now. Including Hadar Goldin, Oron Shaul, Avra Mengistu and Hisham A-Sayed who also must return to their families. We don’t want and don’t have to wait many years for our loved ones to come back to us. …”

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