Microsoft Chief Says Russia Is Spreading Middle East Disinformation
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Microsoft Chief Says Russia Is Spreading Middle East Disinformation

Paris (AFP) – Russia has been spreading “disinformation” about the situation in the Middle East, the president of Microsoft said Saturday, as tensions soar in the region due to the Israel-Hamas war.

Brad Smith, Microsoft vice chair and president, was asked about the role of the US tech giant in promoting peace at an international peace forum in Paris.

He said that Microsoft and its competitors were fighting against disinformation, in particular by using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Smith said that Microsoft and other companies are doing this “by creating technological tools that facilitate the detection of manipulated, modified, altered content,” according to remarks translated in French by radio France Inter.

“We are getting very good at identifying a Russian campaign, like when they tried to tell people not to get the Covid vaccine,” he said.

“Or today, when we see Russian disinformation in the Middle East,” he added….

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