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There is a growing expectation in the political system that Iran will respond to the killing of a senior Iranian official in Syria, but it is believed that both sides are not interested in escalation. 

For the past two days, Israel has been preparing for Iran’s response to the killing of a senior member of the Revolutionary Guards in Damascus. Security officials are increasingly confident that Iran will respond, but an Iranian source made it clear that the response will be ” serious but limited.” This comes amid much ridicule on the country’s social media platforms for its leaders, who have repeatedly chosen not to respond to the mass killings attributed to Israel.

Against the background of the Iranian source’s statements, a security source said this evening that, according to his estimates, both sides are not interested in escalation and do not want a full-scale war. According to him, Israel will respond in accordance with the nature of the Iranian actions, whatever they may be.

Threats from Iran and ridicule in social networks

Meanwhile, Iran is showing determination. The head of the Iranian General Staff said today that Israel will pay a high price. The Iranian Consulate in Damascus.” This is not the first time such threats have come from Iran. Even after previous murders, similar threats were heard, but there is still a consensus that this time is different.

But social networks in Iran and this time do not believe. Many internet users ridicule the regime for its incompetence and deride Iran’s leaders for never really responding to attacks attributed to Israel.

Both sides do not want an all-out war

“The Storm of Free People”. Billboard in Tehran

One user asked: “How far will the Islamic Republic of Iran go in increasing the sacrifices of its leaders before it advances with determination and confidence into direct confrontation with the enemy? Are they waiting for an Israeli attack on their capital? We are waiting for a response, and the reality is here! Away from the threats and promises that are meaningless.”

Another user wrote: “Do you really expect Iran to harm Israel? Don’t trust the threats.” Some even spoke out against the “strategic patience” of the Ayatollah regime, saying: “Iran is simply afraid of Israel, and all the previous threats prove that.” The ridicule on social media also targeted the Supreme Leader’s threats, saying: “These numerous threats are just a bubble of meaningless nonsense. Iran can’t respond.”

An Iranian commentator today said that “Iran will respond appropriately and decisively to the attack on Damascus, but it does not want to act hastily.”

The commentator added that “the Zionist regime is trying to drag Iran into a war, but knows full well that it should not give it the satisfaction.”

The headline in the Tehran Times this morning promises that “Israel will receive a blow for its attack on Damascus.” Meanwhile, a billboard in Tehran reads “Storm of the Free People.”

Both sides do not want an all-out war

In Iran, throughout the day, there were reports of increased combat readiness in Israel, strengthening and recruiting personnel to the reserve. At the same time, the Iranian media widely covers the demonstrations in Israel and tries to portray them as internal disasters. Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi said last night in his speech on the occasion of Jerusalem Day in Iran that Israel is “an entity that is weaker than a spider’s web, and its actions will not go unanswered.”

Over the past day, Hezbollah’s propaganda channels and networks have published photos of alleged preparations for war, various weapons, and religious verses expressing the “border guards’ prayer ” calling for victory and the protection of militants stationed on the borders.

In Israel, it is estimated that there will be a response to the murder of a high-ranking official, and it may come directly from the territory of Iran through sharp shelling. In addition, Israel believes that due to the readiness and warning time of the IDF air defense system, they will know how to cope with such shelling of the country’s territory and will try to launch a direct retaliatory strike against Iran from their territory.

In preparation for the possibility of an Iranian retaliatory attack, the IDF strengthened its air defense system, imposed a curfew on the departure of combat units, and at the same time tried to reduce the level of pressure among the population. instructions for equipping yourself with emergency equipment. There is no need to buy generators, store food and withdraw money from ATMs,” he said.

Both sides do not want an all-out war
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