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The largest family clan in the Gaza Strip has announced a hunt for Hamas members

The family clans, long entrenched in the social and political life of Gaza, have officially declared war on Hamas. This decision followed a series of tragic events in which many members of these clans were killed.

At the center of this conflict was the Jish al-Islam group, also known as the Dugmush clan, which claimed that Hamas had become their target after the murders of their relatives, organized, according to them, on the orders of this terrorist organization.

These accusations and the subsequent declaration of war were the culmination of accumulated anger and frustration within the clans whose families were affected by the actions of Hamas. The execution of the head of the Mukhtar clan and his family served as a trigger for an escalation of tension, it is not only revenge for lost lives, but also an expression of widespread discontent with the actions of Hamas, which include accusations of contacts with the Israeli authorities and attempts to suppress potential competitors in Gaza.

Such accusations and the consequences for the clans show the complexity of internal politics in the Gaza Strip, where Hamas, seeking to consolidate its power, regularly faces challenges from the local population and other armed groups. In particular, the execution of the leader of the Dugmush clan, Mokhtar, for alleged ties to the Israeli military, underscores Hamas‘ willingness to resort to extreme measures to suppress any form of opposition or resistance.

While Hamas tries to present itself as a defender of the Palestinians against external enemies, its actions inside Gaza are often perceived as suppressing any form of dissidence or alternatives.

It should be recalled that in 2006 Hamas, primarily due to its more effective combat units, won a victory and established full control over the Gaza Strip, pushing Fatah representatives out of the enclave.

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