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New ways to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza do not eliminate hunger

While the arrival of additional aid by sea or air would undoubtedly help Palestinians, it serves as a Band-Aid so that a “crisis does not turn into a catastrophe”. In fact, Hamas took Palestinians hostage.

Considering the worsening humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, the United States has begun dumping food and water into the enclave. This month, the first sea cargo of aid reached the northern shores of Gaza, for the first time in almost two decades. Another shipment of essential goods is expected to leave Cyprus for Gaza soon.

Sara Schiffling

“We can’t accumulate the amount of aid we need, and we can’t guarantee the security of its delivery and receipt while there is an active war going on.”

Sara Schiffling, an expert in humanitarian logistics and supply chains
at the Hanken School of Economics in Finland.

A variety of delivery methods for help

All of these efforts are aimed at increasing aid flows to Gaza, where hunger and malnutrition have reached alarming levels, according to the UN. However, the variety of delivery methods has not reduced the prevalence of malnutrition, experts and humanitarian organizations say. While they welcome these efforts, they say the best way to prevent famine is to negotiate a cease-fire. Negotiations are expected to resume in the coming days.

Delivery of aid by air and sea

For example, a 200-ton shipment-containing rice, flour, lentils and canned tuna, beef and chicken delivered by the charity World Central Kitchen-that reached Gaza this week is equivalent to what about 10 trucks can carry. In comparison, about 150 trucks enter Gaza every day, which is less than a third of what was entering daily before the war, according to the main UN relief agency for Palestinians in Gaza, known as UNRWA.

Israel and its approach to aid delivery

Israel says it has set no limit on the amount of aid that can enter Gaza and supports efforts to flood Gaza with food and supplies. But aid groups point out that Israel has closed all but two border crossings in the south and that its onerous inspections of aid convoys for arms slow down deliveries. 

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