anti-Israel rhetoric is hypocritical and ineffective
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Why doesn’t the international community accuse Hamas of genocide?

The international community does not accuse Hamas of genocide, despite explicit calls for genocide in their charter. This is surprising that other countries committing genocide-like acts also remain uncharged. Why does this happen?

Why anti-Israel rhetoric is hypocritical

I find it incredible that these countries don’t accuse Hamas of genocide when Hamas’ charter explicitly states that they want to commit genocide against Israel. We don’t even need to accuse them because they themselves admit that they are a genocidal organization. They admit that their October 7 attacks were motivated by genocidal goals. They are backed by the government of Iran, which seeks to destroy all Jewish people. Not to mention, if we want to prosecute genocide directed at Muslims, why aren’t they suing China for persecuting Uighur Muslims in concentration camps in that country? Why aren’t they going after Bashar al-Assad, who is carrying out genocide against Sunni Muslims in this country? Of course, because it has nothing to do with genocide. It’s about shamelessly and dishonestly attacking the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

anti-Israel rhetoric

Double standards with regard to Israel

It is clear that these countries apply a double standard to Israel. They selectively criticize Israel while ignoring the much more serious human rights violations occurring in other countries. This is hypocrisy and a political agenda disguised as concern for human rights.

Lack of criticism of Hamas

It is striking that these countries do not condemn Hamas for its open calls for genocide. Instead, they focus exclusively on criticizing Israel despite the fact that Hamas itself admits its genocidal intentions. This is a clear manifestation of a double standard.

Ignoring other conflicts with human rights violations

At the same time, these countries ignore much more serious human rights violations occurring elsewhere, such as the persecution of Uighur Muslims in China and the genocide against Sunni Muslims in Syria. This underscores that their criticism of Israel is not based on a genuine concern for human rights, but rather a political agenda.

Why anti-Israel rhetoric is ineffective

anti-Israel rhetoric

Beyond hypocrisy, anti-Israel rhetoric is also ineffective in achieving any positive results. Instead, it only exacerbates tension and conflict.

Lack of constructive dialog

Instead of engaging in constructive dialogue and seeking a path to peace, these countries prefer to engage in senseless criticism and accusations. This only exacerbates the confrontation and makes it even more difficult to reach a compromise.

Encouraging radicalism and violence

Moreover, such rhetoric actually encourages radicalism and violence by groups such as Hamas. Instead of condemning their genocidal aspirations, these countries prefer to focus solely on criticizing Israel. This creates a breeding ground for escalating conflict.

The need to find constructive solutions

Instead of engaging in senseless criticism and accusations, we need to focus on finding constructive solutions that can contribute to peace and stability in the region.

The importance of condemning violence and extremism

First and foremost, we must strongly condemn violence and extremism, regardless of their source. That includes condemning the genocidal aspirations of Hamas and other such groups. Only in that way can we create a basis for constructive dialogue.

The need for a balanced approach

Moreover, we need a balanced approach that takes into account the interests and concerns of all parties to the conflict. Rather than applying double standards, we must deal fairly with human rights violations occurring in all regions.

Finding compromise solutions

Only through open and honest dialogue, based on mutual respect and a desire for compromise, can we find sustainable solutions that promote peace and prosperity for all. This requires us to abandon political agendas and focus on achieving genuine progress.

Anti-Israel Rhetoric
Pierre Poilievre


In conclusion, I believe that anti-Israel rhetoric based on double standards and hypocrisy is ineffective and counterproductive. Instead, we need to focus on finding constructive solutions that take into account the interests of all parties and contribute to sustainable peace in the region. That requires us to abandon our political agenda and to sincerely pursue justice and reconciliation.

Anti-Israel Rhetoric

Pierre Poilievre

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