Israeli children Christmas letter to Santa
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On this Christmas and New Year’s holiday – remember those who were brutally abducted from their homes, from their families, who were widowed, who were orphaned. Remember the innocent Israelis who are hostages of Hamas.


Israeli children Christmas letter to Santa

During the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season, as we gather with our loved ones, it is essential to take a moment to remember those whose lives have been torn apart. By lighting a candle, saying a prayer, or simply reflecting on their experiences, we can pay tribute to their strength and resilience. Remembrance serves as a reminder that the fight against violence and terror is ongoing, and that we must remain vigilant in our efforts to create a safer world for all.

Israeli children Christmas letter to Santa

Hamas infiltrators seized baby Kfir, four-year-old Ariel and their parents Yarden and Shiri after bursting into southern Israeli towns on Oct. 7, killing around 1,200 people and prompting an Israeli military offensive that has killed more than 15,000 people according to Gaza health authorities. Kfir is the youngest of the 240 hostages Israel says were captured.

Video of the incident showed a terrified Shiri clutching the children in a blanket as they were bundled into captivity. Another clip showed Yarden with a head injury from hammer blows…


We ask you to continue to spread the truth with us. The world needs to know what is happening in the Middle East.

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