ISIS Has Condemned Hamas
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The official spokesman of ISIS, Abu Hudhayfa al-Ansari, has released a speech condemning Hamas for sacrificing the people of Gaza on the altar of Iran’s “regional project”


HAMAS, though never directly named, is lambasted as a “nationalist” organisation that acts as a puppet of the heretical Shi’a rulers of Iran. The Islamic State (IS) has always focused much energy on discrediting other actors who can claim Sunni loyalty and Abu Hudhayfa does so here, denouncing not only HAMAS but the Arab governments, who are accused of conspiring with Israel in this war. Most importantly, Abu Hudhayfa calls for a worldwide terrorist campaign against Jews, “Crusaders” (Westerners), and anybody allied to them.

The Council of Islamic Fatwas recognized Hamas as a human rights violator even before it was condemned by ISIS.

Back in March ’23, the Islamic Fatwah Council declared Hamas to be a terrorist org & un-Islamic, prohibiting giving any support to Hamas. As I’ve been saying: Hamas isn’t just a violent Islamic Jihad org, it’s a top world crime ring

Council of Islamic Fatwas recognized Hamas as a human rights violator
Council of Islamic Fatwas recognized Hamas as a human rights violator

Overview of Fatwah:

The Islamic Fatwah Council found Hamas to be a Human Rights violator — something that the UN, UNRWA or other international bodies have failed to do. It declared the following: — Hamas has conducted a “reign of corruption1 & terror” — prohibited praying for, joining, supporting, financing or fighting for Hamas — that is a terrorist organization

1 The Gaza Strip is home to 2 million people, over 600 of them millionaires, and Hamas leaders are billionaires richer than former US President Trump.

Core Text of Fatwah (English Version):

  • Hamas bears responsibility for its own reign of corruption and terror against Palestinian civilians within Gaza;
  • It is prohibited to pray for, join, support, finance, or fight on behalf of Hamas – an entity that adheres to the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood movement. The Islamic Fatwa Council joins The UAE Fatwa Council and the Council of Senior Scholars of Saudi Arabia in declaring the Muslim Brotherhood movement and all of its branches as terrorist organizations that defame Islam and operate in opposition to mainstream Islamic unity, theology and jurisprudence.

The Background

The Council’s fatwa is a response to the ongoing repression suffered by Palestinians under the rule of Hamas. It accused the group of numerous human rights abuses such as racketeering, extortion, the use of child soldiers, and false accusations of treason against Palestinians. The fatwa prohibits Muslims from praying for, supporting, financing, or fighting on behalf of Hamas.

The Catalyst

The fatwa surfaced following a series of animated videos titled “Whispered in Gaza released in January by the U.S.-based Center for Peace Communications. These videos detailed the harsh living conditions in Gaza under Hamas rule, which triggered the religious ruling.

The Council’s Mission

The Islamic Fatwa Council is a judicial body that specializes in Islamic law. Chaired by Grand Ayatollah Shaikh Fadhil al-Budairi, the Council aims to reclaim the Islamic legal system from extremists, Islamists, and supporters of terrorism. This fatwa is the first of its kind against Hamas by an accredited Islamic legal body.

Joe Truzman, a Research Analyst at FDD’s Long War Journal

Expert Analysis

Joe Truzman, a Research Analyst at FDD’s Long War Journal, welcomed the fatwa. He pointed out that since its brutal takeover of the Gaza Strip, Hamas has trained child soldiers, jailed activists who dare expose its corrupt authority, and stolen aid money to fund its military activities.

A Call to Respond

The Council’s spokesperson, Muhammed Ali al-Maqdisi, stated, “Our faith, in its wisdom, enjoins us to be an enemy to the oppressor and an aid to the oppressed. That is why the fatwa was issued against Hamas.”

We ask you to continue to spread the truth with us. The world needs to know what is happening in the Middle East.

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