#BringThemHomeNow Here you can find various media assets about hundreds of civilian hostages held by Hamas since October 7th 2023, including personal stories, videos, and family members testimonials.

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On October 7th, 2023, Palestinian terrorists from Hamas attacked Israeli towns, communities and partygoers.

They killed over 1,400 civilians. Women, children and elderly civilians were burned alive, decapitated and slaughtered.

241 civilians, children and women were kidnapped to Gaza.

We have created an EXCLUSIVE archive of the atrocities Palestinian Hamas committed, so the world won’t be able to deny it happened, and won’t be able to forget it.

Serge Grin
Serge Grin

Sergey Grankin.
Reports from the Middle East

The best Russian-speaking war correspondent from Israel. Reports from the hot spots of the Gaza Strip. Analysis and reports.

These graphic videos and images document the horrors of that day.

On October 7, 2023, thousands of Hamas terrorists breached Israel’s security fence and committed crimes against humanity.
Over 1,200 men, women, and children were murdered in the brutal attack. More than 240 were kidnapped to Gaza.

WARNING: The website contains violent content. Viewer discretion is advised.


This website stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of survivors who bear witness to the unspeakable terrors of October 7th.

We pray for the safe return of our hostages, and keep in our hearts the hundreds of victims who did not survive to tell their story, may they rest in peace.

⚠ Warning: some of these stories are extremely difficult and describe war crimes involving violence, rape and brutality.

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The aftershock of October 7th is still being felt, not only in the affected areas but throughout the world. The international community responded with a mixture of sorrow, outrage, and calls for peace.

As we navigate the aftermath of this dark day, the stories of resilience, unity, and hope emerging from the shadows serve as a beacon for a better tomorrow.

Remembering October 7th is not just about the pain and loss but also about the unwavering Israeli spirit and our shared commitment to healing and peace.


Supporting Israel during times of crisis is extremely frustrating. We often feel the world is against us and doesn’t see what we see. There’s also a lot of content, but not enough advice. Created by experts in the field, the following articles lay out essential guiding principles and strategies for effective Israeli advocacy. Your words can defend Israel on the virtual battlefield!

Whispered in Gaza
Whispered in Gaza

Palestinians expose life under Hamas.

Hamas has placed Palestinians in Gaza under a communications blockade. Whispered in Gaza helps them breach it.

We grow public support for partnership across differences.

The News Literacy Project
The News Literacy Project

Five types of misinformation

The term “fake news” once referred to misinformation designed to look like legitimate news, but the term has been rendered meaningless and counterproductive through overuse and political weaponization. The reality is that different kinds of misinformation vary significantly in their tactics, intent and impact. To be able to better understand misinformation, therefore, we need a new misinformation vocabulary that helps us see and think about these differences.

the west is next
The West Is Next

Survivor testimony. Video evidence

Your country could be next


Israel’s love, pain, and pulse in the time of crisis — as felt and told by real people. Hello world, here we are.

Use this interactive map to visit the attack sites, learn the facts, and view the horrors.

Since October 7th, at least 7 hostages were murdered by Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad, 1 hostage was released by the IDF, and 111 hostages were released in negotiations.

Disclaimer: Please note this is a project in progress and our data is constantly being updated. If you have additional information, please share it with us.

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