Yahel Shoham. She only spoke in a whisper
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Grandfather of 3-year-old freed hostage: She only spoke in a whisper for a week.

The grandfather of Yahel Shoham (3) who was freed from Hamas captivity on November 25, says she only spoke in a whisper for a week after being released.

Shoham, whose father, Tal, is still held hostage, was freed along with her mother Adi and 8-year-old brother Naveh, as well as her grandmother, Shoshan. Her maternal grandfather was murdered on October 7.

“Until two days ago, she only whispered. She wouldn’t talk, not out loud,” Gilad Korngold tells Channel 12 news.

He says that Naveh does not really discuss what he went through. He “doesn’t ask about Dad, doesn’t ask about Grandpa.”

Gilad says the children were held together with their female relatives, but not with their father, who remains captive.

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