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Kanye West apologized to the Jewish community in Hebrew for anti-Semitic remarks

American rapper, music producer and designer Kanye West, previously implicated in numerous anti-Semitic scandals, suddenly published a post in Hebrew on his Instagram page, where he is followed by 18.2 million followers, in which he apologizes to the Jewish community.

Kanye West apologized to the Jewish community
Kanye West apologized to the Jewish community

“I sincerely apologize to the Jewish community for any ‘unintentional outburst of anger’ caused by my words or actions. I had no intention to hurt or humiliate, and I deeply regret any pain I may have caused. I intend to start with myself and learn from this experience so that I can feel and understand more in the future. Your forgiveness is important to me and I seek to make things right and promote unity,” Kanye West wrote on Tuesday, Dec. 26.

Kanye West apologized in Hebrew to the Jewish community for his anti-Semitic remarks
In a few hours after publication, the post of the scandalous rapper collected more than 1,5 million likes and more than 90 thousand comments, many of which were also written in Hebrew.

Recall, at the end of 2022 Kanye West received the title “Anti-Semite of the year” from the non-profit organization StopAntisemitism. Before that, the rapper publicly expressed his love for the leader of Nazi Germany and asked Jews to “forgive Hitler”. West is believed to be the one who inspired the instigators of more than 50 anti-Semitic incidents across the US.

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