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Difficulties in the negotiation process

Without a military representative, it was more of a courtesy visit, but an important one – a meeting with an American colleague and Egyptian mediators. Despite the lack of proposals from Hamas, negotiations are necessary to discuss important issues. Possible topics for discussion are the number of terrorists released in Israel and the number of hostages held by Hamas.

There is nothing on the table. What the Hamas delegation has proposed is a general set of slogans, including the Al-Aqsa Mosque. It is not a concrete proposal. The negotiations should discuss important issues, such as the number of terrorists released in Israel and the number of hostages held by Hamas.

The absence of a Hamas interlocutor

Sinwar Hides in Terrorist Tunnel
Sinwar Hides in Terrorist Tunnel

The main problem is the lack of proposals and a Hamas interlocutor. While Israel is ready for concessions and dialogue, Hamas does not offer concrete solutions for discussion in the talks.
It seems that Sinwar would be more compliant now if he had the opportunity to announce his demands. But any appearance on the surface, any leak of information from the secret tunnel where he is now, will lead to his exposure. He already understands that very well.

Israel’s position in the negotiations

The lack of negotiations and the tense situation only increase the threat to the hostages who are in the hands of Hamas. Without dialogue and agreements, their lives are in danger.

Given the complexity of the negotiation process, there is hope for the rescue of hostages through military operations. The release of hostages can be achieved through military action, as we have seen in previous operations.

Israel has always been willing to make concessions and find a peaceful solution. However, without proposals and an interlocutor from Hamas, Israel cannot move forward in the negotiations and achieve concrete results.

Achievements of the Israeli Military Operation

Truth Of The Middle East

Cutting Hamas’ ties with key operatives

The operation has made it possible to disassociate Hamas from its leading militants, such as Sinwar and Mohammed Deif. This means that they are no longer able to give orders and direct combat operations. Although they can still control some areas of the front, they are not visible and cannot operate openly. This is a significant achievement for the Israeli army.

The problem of appearing on the surface

Negotiations and Outcomes

Hamas prefers to hide underground, in tunnels and underground shelters. They avoid appearing on the surface and only appear as a last resort. This indicates that the Israeli operation is effectively limiting their capabilities and forcing them to keep a low profile.

Successes in destroying Hamas

The Israeli military operation is aimed at destroying Hamas and its terrorist infrastructure. According to military standards, a war is won when more than half of the enemy’s forces are destroyed. In our case, we see that more than 3/4 of Hamas has already been neutralized, which indicates the significant success of the Israeli army in achieving its goal.

The Theoretical Possibility of Negotiations

As a result of the military operation in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army has achieved significant success. However, the negotiation process has become difficult due to the lack of proposals and an interlocutor from Hamas.

Grankin - Negotiations and Outcomes
Sergey Grankin – Journalist

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