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All Jews of the world now celebrate Passover.

This is a holiday that celebrates the Exodus of the Jews from Egyptian slavery, one of the most significant events in Jewish history that took place in 1446 BC. The Exodus led to forty years of wandering in the wilderness, during which the Jewish people learned to live as one, be independent, and trust each other and their Almighty God. This is how the Jewish nation learned what true freedom and the laws of Judaism are.

The desire of the enslaved Jews to return to their homeland and rebuild their state was the driving force behind the tradition of wishing each other “Next year in Jerusalem.” This holiday celebrates the end of centuries of slavery and the beginning of a new era of freedom.

Needless to say, this year, Jews are celebrating their Freedom Day under difficult circumstances. The war in Gaza started with brutal murders committed by Hamas terrorists, supported by the Iranian Ayatollahs. This was followed by the largest drone and missile attack in history directed at Israel by the same group of Ayatollahs. An explosion of anti-Semitic sentiment has been seen around the world, fueled by Muslim radicals and their “useful idiots” in different countries.

The Jewish people have faced many challenges over the past 3,070 years, since their Exodus from Egypt. They will survive these difficulties as well. They can handle them. And they will live in peace with their neighbors, who respect the same rights that Jews have.

If you hear the phrase “Hag Sameah” during the celebration of Passover, it means “Happy holidays!” You can simply reply with these two words in response.


Alexander Rodnyansky

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We ask you to continue to spread the truth with us. The world needs to know what is happening in the Middle East.

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