The song "Hurricane" has been released, with which Israel will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest.
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The song “Hurricane” has been released, with which Israel will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest.

“Someone stole the moon tonight
Took my light
Everything is it black and white
Who’s the fool who told you boys don’t cry”

The song Hurricane is an incredibly touching and powerful song in which Edan Golan will represent Israel accompanied by a numbing powerful clip. and despite the fact that they tried to ban Israel from Eurovision, we will still win.

Initially, Israel submitted a song called “Autumn Rain”, but it was rejected by the European organizers. The song “Hurricane” was first presented to the public on Sunday evening, March 10, on the public broadcasting channel “11KAN“.

It is performed by Eden Golan, who won the “Next Eurovision Star” contest. Golan, who is 20 years old, was born in Israel, but moved to Moscow as a child because of her parents’ work. She spent 13 years there and studied music and singing since childhood, even participated in the Russian competition “The Voice of Children”. It was only two years ago that Golan returned to Israel.

Recall that Israel initially proposed a song called “Autumn Rain”, but it was rejected by the European organizers of the competition as “politicized”. The same fate befell the second proposed Israeli song “Dancing into Eternity”. In both cases, they were talking about ballads that somehow reflect the mood of Israelis after the tragedy on October 7.

Initially, it seemed that the Jewish state would not participate in the contest this year due to boycott calls caused by the war in Gaza. However, President Isaac Herzog intervened in the situation, who asked those responsible for preparing for Eurovision in Israel to do everything possible for the country’s participation, even if this means compromising and changing the lyrics of the two songs presented. Herzog believes that Israel’s participation in the European competition is of great importance, especially during this period.

Eurovision 2024

General information – The first semi-final of Eurovision will be held on May 7, 2024 (the day after the Israeli Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism). The second semi-final is scheduled for May 9, and the final is scheduled for May 11. All concerts will be broadcast in Israel on the channel “11KAN”.


Malmo, where the competition will be held, is considered one of the most anti-Semitic cities in Europe – in 2022, the largest number of cases of anti-Semitism were recorded here. The municipal authorities have promised to invest 2 million euros in a program to combat anti-Semitism. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has officially announced that Israel will participate in Eurovision, despite calls to ban the Jewish state from participating in the contest due to the war in Gaza.

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