Israel will declare the territories as state lands.
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Today, in the midst of the war, Israel will declare the territories near Maale Adumim as state lands.

Next week, the construction of about 3,000 housing units in Efrat and Maale Adumim will be approved, and next month – about 7,000 dunams near the Jordan River.

According to senior government officials, this is a response to terrorism. However, security officials believe that these actions will damage Israel’s relations with the American administration. The next step of the Israeli government, which could lead to a confrontation with the American administration, was reported by News 13 last night (Wednesday).

The information channel said that today, in the midst of the war, Israel will declare the territories near Maale Adumim as state lands. Next month, about 7,000 dunams in the Jordan Valley will also be declared public lands. In addition to these two announcements, next week the Supreme Planning Council will discuss a permit for the construction of approximately 3,500 housing units in settlements – both in Efrat and in Maale Adumim – as announced after the terrorist attack on Highway 1.

These decisions have been approved by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and ministers in consultations over the past few days. Senior government officials said that “this is a response to terrorism,” while security officials believe that “these measures will damage Israel’s relations with the American administration.”

“Shalom Now” commented on the publication in News 13, saying that “it is already clear that settlements are a burden on security and an obstacle to any future solution in the region. … The only way to restore security is to seek an end to the conflict and to promote a comprehensive solution aimed at ending the war, with the aim of creating two States for both peoples.”

But is there a difference between settlements and legal withdrawal of land? And how relevant the annexation is now? We will get the answer, apparently, in the very near future.

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