Son of Hamas
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«Son of Hamas» Tackles University Antisemitism

“Many people think that I’m the savior, many people think that I’m an angel, and many think I’m the devil and I don’t know who to believe. I’m just a very simple individual and I have a story”.
Many Think I’m The Devil

“I went against the interest of the tribe and I thought that the higher interest of humanity was and still more important.

My father was one of the co-founders of Hamas organization, and I was there when Hamas was established. Then I saw the movement developing.

What we witnessed on October 7th that was not the first attack by Hamas, prior to that Hamas killed thousands of Israelis and hundreds of Palestinians, and Hamas is responsible for the retaliation and sabotaging the entire peace process in the Middle East.

Hamas is a religious, ideological movement waging a war, a holy war against a Jewish nation. There is no such a thing as Palestine to Hamas movement, and all the pro-Palestine groups, which of course have the right to express themselves, unfortunately they are giving directly and indirectly support to a savage group that just committed genocide.

I saw that firsthand documented by Hamas themselves.

I was not surprised by Hamas brutality because I lived with them in prison for about 27 months. They tortured Palestinian people and that was in Israeli prison, because they had suspicion that some Palestinians gave information to the Israeli intelligence.

All Hamas statistics not to be trusted, none of their statistic is accurate and many of their footage came from Syria, and many of it is fake, because this is their propaganda.

The free world started to blame Israel for the war victims in Gaza but no one is condemning Hamas for taking their own people as human shields. And I’m not surprised, because even my own father, when he had to choose between Hamas and his oldest son, he chose the ideology, he sacrificed me.”

Many people Think I’m The Devil

We ask you to continue to spread the truth with us. The world needs to know what is happening in the Middle East.

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