The Truth of the Middle East is a non-profit informational and educational aggregator. The goal is dedicated to establishing an accurate account of the 7/10 Hamas terror attack on citizens of Israel and to fostering a global realisation on the causes of this blatant crime against humanity.


We are collecting, organizing, preserving, and presenting data related to the 7/10 tragedy to raise mass public awareness about the causes and events of 7/10. Also publishing analytics and research on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and global war against terror.


All materials belong to their respective authors and used to promote the original sources. Send us your material if you are interested in promoting your resource. Please write to us if you believe that your material has been included on our website by mistake.

If you find your original materials on our website without a signature or we mistakenly indicated someone else, be sure to write to us, we will correct the situation. Photo published under section 27a of the Israeli Copyright law. If you are the owner of this photo, please contact our website.

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