European Commission Statement On Antisemitic Incidents In Europe
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European Commission Statement on antisemitic incidents in Europe

They go against everything that Europe stands for.

Against our core values and our way of life.

Against the model of society we represent: one based on equality, inclusiveness and the full respect of human rights. Jewish, Muslim, Christian – no one should live in fear of discrimination or violence because of their religion or their identity. The EU is determined to protect the wellbeing of all its communities, ethnic, religious or other.

We have to push back against this rise in antisemitism, as well as the rise in anti-Muslim hatred that we have been witnessing over the past weeks – which has no place in Europe.  We already have powerful tools at our disposal to address such incidents:  EU law criminalises public incitement to hatred and violence and sets out a common approach to tackling racist and xenophobic hate speech and hate crimes.

Juedischer Kindergarten Shmuel Segal
Antisemitic incidents in Europe. Juedischer Kindergarten Foto: Shmuel Segal

Ensuring its rigorous enforcement is now more imperative than ever. And since 2021, the European Union has in place its first-ever comprehensive strategy on combating antisemitism and fostering Jewish life as well as since 2020 an EU anti-racism action plan.

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