Why has Hamas become a legitimate force in the eyes of the world to negotiate with, consult with and expect something?
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According to a senior Israeli source quoted by the WSJ, Hamas rejected the so-called “Israeli initiative” for a cease-fire announced by President Biden.

It is quite possible that the “outside” leaders, spoiled by Qatari hospitality, would have agreed to one deal or another long ago. However, they are not the ones holding the hostages, and the final decision to end the war is not theirs either.

According to correspondence between Sinwar and other Hamas leaders published by the WSJ, he fully intends to continue the war. “Israel has a lot to lose from the war,” he writes. – It is exactly where we wanted it to be.” The cold-blooded Gaza killer is well aware that international pressure on Israel is ever-increasing, and the more Palestinians who die, the more meaningful that pressure will be. Sinwar writes: “We only make headlines when there is blood.”

Unlike his comrades in Doha, Sinwar is obsessed with “confrontation.” “Muqawwama” – the armed struggle against Israel – must continue at all costs.

In general, all Hamas leaders publicly support this position. Mahmoud al-Zahar once told me in an interview in 2005 that Hamas would continue to fight the Jews “until Judgment Day.” But this same Mahmoud al-Zahar was convinced that the best thing for Hamas to do was to conclude a long-term truce, and quietly prepare for the next phase, build up its military arsenal, train its men, build coalitions – and only then attack.

The cornered Sinwar apparently believes the moment of the “final battle” has already arrived. He realizes that guerrilla warfare can go on for years, he knows that Israel does not want to control Gaza, and he is also well aware that Israel’s far-right government will not make deals with its Fatah opponents, as any other government would do to create an alternative to Hamas. And if so, why agree to unfavorable deals, even if they are voiced by Biden himself?

For all that, Hamas will continue to give evasive answers in a way that makes Israel look guilty of continuing the war. Hamas leaders are not slamming the door all the way shut, they want Israel to slam it all the way shut. The final decision is Sinwar’s, and he will only be willing to make a deal if the Hamas regime in Gaza survives and continues to fight.

Why has Hamas become a legitimate force in the eyes of the world to negotiate with, consult with and expect something?

Two things have contributed to this: international humanitarianism, which allows terrorists to be funded to help civilians, and Israel’s policy of divide and conquer.

Since 2007, the world has been happy to give Hamas huge amounts of money and aid, and it has not been held accountable for its actions. Shelling Israel, terrorist attacks, the attempted overthrow of the Abu Mazen regime in the West Bank – all ok, the aid flowed freely. No reservations, no demands. Hamas captured Israeli soldiers and civilians, kept the Red Cross out, and international organizations bowed their heads and thanked Hamas for being willing to accept their billions.

 Unfortunately, Israel also helped legitimize Hamas by accommodating its regime in Gaza so that it would not have to negotiate with Abu Mazen and reduce construction in the settlements. All those agreements on Qatari money flowing into Gaza, and the concern that the regime would not collapse for lack of cash (since 2015), the talk of building a port and airport in Gaza, has led to Hamas becoming a legitimate player to be placated, begged and pleaded with.

So we have arrived at a situation in which international and regional leaders crawl on their knees with proposals for a hostage deal and a truce, while Sinwar, sitting in a tunnel, indifferently rejects them.

Ksenia Svetlova “Oriental Syndrome”

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12 days ago

What utter BS. Trying to divide hamas. Typical ZioNazi tactics and propaganda

We ask you to continue to spread the truth with us. The world needs to know what is happening in the Middle East.

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