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Unfortunately, armed conflicts in the Middle East are not a new phenomenon, but an extremely complex and multidimensional one.

For decades, the Middle East has remained the scene of violent conflicts that generate large-scale human tragedies. Under these conditions, the conduct of military operations requires from the parties involved not only strategic restraint, but also difficult observance of the principles of humanity and international humanitarian law.

But when war is a brutal reality, demanding it to be “less military” seems unrealistic.

Most Humane Army In The World
The Syrian revolution transformed into a full-blown civil war by 2012.

In March 2011, massive anti-government rallies began in Syria, which escalated into a civil war and led to a long-term armed conflict.
The Syrian population has been subjected to ill-treatment: more than 600,000 people have been killed, 12 million have fled their homes in search of safety elsewhere, poverty and hunger are widespread. This conflict involved: Syria, Lebanon, NATO, Russia, America, Iran, Iraq, the Kurds and others. Many political forces tried to solve their political ambitions in this war, in a war without a reason and for many without meaning.

But only Israel, which is waging war in response to the savage atrocities of Hamas, is subject to such high demands in respect of “humanity” and compliance with international standards of wartime. There is practically no country left in the world that would not teach Israel to fight, defend its homes, and free its citizens who have been taken hostage.

However, only the IDF actively applies methods aimed at minimizing civilian casualties:

  • Advance warning to the public about planned operations. This is achieved by dropping flyers, sending SMS and even phone calls. In addition, the tactic of “knocking on the roof” is used – preventive non-lethal strikes preceding an attack to allow civilians to leave the combat zone.
  • The use of high-precision weapons to minimize collateral damage and damage to civilian infrastructure. This is achieved thanks to advanced reconnaissance and targeting technologies.
  • Israel regularly reviews and updates its military doctrines, including the rules of opening fire, to meet the changing nature of threats and ensure the protection of civilians.
  • The IDF actively cooperates with international and humanitarian organizations to ensure access of humanitarian aid to conflict zones
Most Humane Army In The World - Photo by Mohammed Ibrahim on Unsplash
Most Humane Army In The World – Photo by Mohammed Ibrahim on Unsplash

Despite criticism of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) for individual incidents, it is important to recognize that absolute humaneness is impossible in war situations. However, efforts to minimize civilian casualties and adherence to the rules of international humanitarian law set the IDF apart from many other participants in conflicts.

Under these conditions, we can conclude that the IDF is the most humane army in the world.

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4 months ago

Nobody cares about Israel, first of all ’cause Israel isn’t vocal about its problems. We should have a big blockbuster about our army for everybody to see how it operates

We ask you to continue to spread the truth with us. The world needs to know what is happening in the Middle East.

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