Kennedy: Israel and world will be safer when Hamas isn't in it
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Senator John Kennedy: Israel and world will be safer when Hamas isn’t in it

The Need for Clarity

As an American, I am proud that the United States stands firmly behind Israel in its fight against terrorism. However, there seems to be confusion among some people in Washington regarding why America supports Israel. I have observed a lot of hand-wringing from individuals who claim that there is nuance in the Hamas terrorist attacks of October 7th and that we should refrain from condemning Hamas until we understand this nuance. This misguided belief suggests that somehow Israel deserved the violence it endured. Fortunately, most Americans, including the people of Louisiana, recognize the heinous acts committed by Hamas and understand that Israel has the right to defend itself.

Indefensible Evil

The atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists are indefensible. They have brutalized and massacred innocent civilians, including our American friends and neighbors. The stories of survivors and first responders are nauseating, emphasizing the evil nature of these acts. It is crucial to differentiate between nuance and evil, and it is our duty to condemn such acts without hesitation.

Hamas’ Intentions

Hamas openly proclaims its goal of killing Jewish people. They have made it clear that their objective is to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. Their acts are not protests against Israel’s government but massacres of Jewish people. The recent rise in anti-Semitism, including attacks on Jewish Americans, is a direct consequence of this twisted ideology. It is essential to recognize the dangerous implications of supporting or justifying Hamas’ actions.

Kennedy: Israel and world will be safer when Hamas isn’t in it

Targeting Jewish Americans

Anti-Semitic attacks have been directed at Jewish individuals in New York City and universities like Cornell. These locations were deliberately chosen due to their significant Jewish populations. The twisted logic used to justify the torture, rape, and killing of Jews in the Middle East fuels anti-Semitism at home. We must acknowledge and confront this disturbing reality.

Hamas’ Actions and Their Consequences

Hamas uses civilians as human shields, hoards essential resources, and transforms water pipes into rocket launchers. The suffering of both the Palestinian and Israeli people is a direct result of Hamas’ actions. Blaming Israel for this suffering only strengthens the terrorists’ agenda. It is crucial to expose the truth and acknowledge that Hamas is responsible for the plight of its own people.

The Importance of Eliminating Hamas

Hamas continues to pose a threat to Israel’s security, despite temporary ceasefires and the release of some hostages. Their ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of the Jewish people. To break this cycle of violence, Hamas must be eliminated. President Biden must demonstrate unwavering support for Israel and reject pressure to appease Hamas.


By standing with Israel, the United States ensures the safety and security of both Israelis and Americans alike. Supporting Israel’s efforts against terrorism is crucial in preventing future attacks and ensuring a safer world. Let us remember that there is no room for nuance when confronting evil, and it is our duty to reject and condemn such acts without hesitation.

Senator John Kennedy

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