Luai Ahmed
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Dear Arabs and Muslims,

I just back from Israel, and my life will never be the same.

I thought I was going to be met with pure racism, and then came to see that half of Israelis look just like me.

I thought I was going to be treated as a terrorist, but I was met with kindness and hospitality.

I thought I was going to experience apartheid, but I saw people from different backgrounds co-existing in peace together.

I thought I was going to see hatred against Muslims, but I met dozens of Muslims who love Israel and are proud of their country.

I thought I was going to meet angry Jews who hate all the goys and want to manipulate them, but I was met by a kind people who are struck by grief and terror.

Every street I visited in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv has a story of a terror attack. In every cafe I sat in, I was told ”A Jew was stabbed right here”, and ” A shooting happened on the other side of this street a few months ago.”

Throughout this trip, I have been ex-communicated by close-minded friends and family members. But you know what? It was worth it. Because I got to see Israel and experience the truth about the country that I was indoctrinated to hate for myself.

I wish that my friends and family members would also be able to visit Israel and see the beauty and hospitality of the country like I did. I was able to swiftly visit Israel because of my Swedish passport – I won’t deny my privileges.

But I also have the elusive privilege of humanizing both Israelis and Arabs. I had the greatest privilege of meeting, and seeing and talking to Israelis, whom I had learned to hate since I was a child.

I am so happy to have cleansed the hatred out of my soul. I wish that the Muslim and Arab communities could do the same.

Nothing good can ever come out of hatred, violence, and terrorism. And now, having been in Israel, I cannot stress enough how much it saddens me that my culture and my people have learned to hate this country and these people.

To all the Israelis who have opened their hearts and homes to me and showed me their beautiful country – thank you.

 Luai Ahmed Dear Arabs and Muslims
 Luai Ahmed

 Luai Ahmed. His bio says he is  “a 30-year old author, content creator and columnist. I live, breathe, and fight for the country and continent that granted me freedom, peace, and freedom of expression, and I will do everything in my power to preserve them. Feel free to support me.”

Reprinted from Twitter post. Photo: Twitter.

Luai Ahmed

We ask you to continue to spread the truth with us. The world needs to know what is happening in the Middle East.

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