Chronicles of Narnia
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I received a letter from Germany asking about the thousands of dead children in Gaza. Some quotes from the letter:

“People, educated, good, with wo, who used to support Ukraine, are now talking about the genocide of children in Gaza. And they give a lot of arguments. And I, as a person not in the subject, can not understand, is it true about thousands of killed children in Gaza? Or how they bombed Donbass for 8 years?
… My European friends argue, send videos about the need to make visible the thousands of dead children in Gaza. My children are students in Germany and in their universities it is a very unpopular opinion to be on the side of Israel.
… I listen to German news every day and I feel like it’s RT.The editorial position is anti-Israel and every news program supports the discourse: “Our government helps the criminal Israel.

Let’s try to have a serious conversation about this tragic issue – dead children in Gaza. Because showing a huge number of fakes with murdered children and tragic pictures of unfortunate six-toed Palestinian children generated by neural networks doesn’t work. From the word “not at all.” You can expose any number of lies, but the average person will still ask you a simple question: “Let’s say you’ve convinced me that this particular image is a fake, but do you really mean to say that there are no children being killed in Gaza?”

They are dying. Unfortunately, they are dying. Of course, not by the thousands or even by the hundreds. Now let’s try to find those responsible for this tragedy. I’m going to start a little bit from afar.

Do you remember how the book or movie “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” began?

Four children are leaving for the countryside from London, which is being bombed by German airplanes. Why are they leaving?

Young British children are evacuated as part of Operation Pied Piper. Ultimately 3.5 million people were relocated as part of the evacuation. Imperial War Museum photo
Young British children are evacuated as part of Operation Pied Piper. Ultimately 3.5 million people were relocated as part of the evacuation. Imperial War Museum photo

Because already on September 1, 1939, the day the Second World War began, Operation Pied Piper began – Britain first of all began to save its future. More than one and a half million children, most without parents, moved from major cities to villages and sparsely populated regions of the country. Their parents were told to pack their children a gas mask, a change of clothes, and warm clothes for the journey and bring them to the station. On September 1, 1939, train after train of children and teenagers began to be transported across the country and transferred to new, temporary families. Subsequent waves of evacuations were carried out in 1940 – after the start of massive German air raids on London. In total, nearly 3.5 million people were evacuated from the cities during the war years.

And the British were also saving other people’s children.  A few days after “Kristallnacht” began the operation “Kindertransport”. Its essence was to transport and place on the territory of Great Britain children who were recognized as Jews on the basis of the Nuremberg race laws. Great Britain took in almost 10,000 children – almost all of them survived until victory. Sadly, not all were then able to be reunited with their parents – often these children were the only survivors of their families destroyed in the Holocaust.

Hostage Ariel Bibas. Dead Child In Gaza

Because it is the direct DUTY of any normal government to save their children.  Otherwise, what the hell is such a government for anyway?

I can see very clearly what Israel is doing to save its children:

  1. Every house, every school, and every new apartment in the country has a bomb shelter.  It costs an incredible amount of money, but it saves children.
  2. Israel is not the richest country in the world, but it has built an unprecedented echeloned air defense system. There are no analogues anywhere in the world – this defense system consists of four layers. Against every rocket that flies at Israel’s cities, the air defense system fires two anti-missiles – to shoot it down for sure. It costs an incredible amount of money, but it saves children.
  3. Israel has moved hundreds of thousands of residents out of the most dangerous areas. All of them are housed in the center of the country. It costs an incredible amount of money, but it saves children.

Furthermore, I can see very clearly what Israel is doing to save the children in Gaza:

  1. Israel did not immediately start retaliatory hostilities. It was possible to get the children out of Gaza during that time – everyone realized that the retaliatory strike would be very strong. This would have saved the children of Gaza.
  2. Israel has used the “knock on the roof” tactic for a long time, warning of the homes that would be destroyed. What army in the world fights like that? It saves the children of Gaza.
  3. Israel announced in advance the areas where the military operation would take place and the areas that would be safe, while also giving time to leave the dangerous areas. In fact, by doing so, it acted against its own army – in a conventional war, no one warns the enemy of their actions. This saves the children of Gaza. This saves the children of Gaza.
  4. Israel uses only precision weapons – no “area bombing”. Compare this to the actions of the Russian army in Ukraine, which just bluntly demolishes everything it can reach.

Now let’s compare that to what Hamas is doing to save the children of Gaza.

  1. Hamas is committing a crime against the children of Gaza by training them to be shahids. The ideological preparation begins in kindergarten. Children are indoctrinated with the idea that dying for the faith is a God-ordained endeavor.
  2. Hamas robbed the children of Gaza by using humanitarian money for war, not development.
  3. NYT writes that the length of Hamas tunnels, which were originally estimated at 400 km, turned out to be at least 720 km, which exceeds the length of the Moscow subway (466 km). Entrances and exits – 5700 (this is what is known about). And what about bomb shelters for children?  There are none. Hamas leaders claim that the UN should take care of the children, but they only take care of their fighters.
  4. Hamas forbade the evacuation of civilians to safe areas, trying to cover themselves and killing those who wanted to leave dangerous places.   This is a crime against the children of Gaza.
  5. All of those rockets Hamas makes out of water pipes are scary. One out of every five of them falls on Gaza, killing its inhabitants. This is a crime against the children of Gaza.
  6. What were Hamas leaders thinking when they planned the biggest terrorist attack in Israel’s history? Were they hoping there would be no response? “Alice knew that if you cut a finger deeply with a knife, blood will usually come out of that finger.” In fact, Hamas sets up their children to retaliate – the terrorist leaders are living just fine in other countries (hopefully not for long).
  7. There are 22 countries in the Arab League. Some of them are fantastically wealthy. I realize that after all the shit the Palestinians have done to the countries that sheltered them, no one wants them in their country. But at least they can take in children for the duration of the war? Muslim to Muslim are friends, comrades, and brothers. Brothers in faith and all that. All of Europe accepts Ukrainian refugees, what prevents wealthy Arabs from accepting the children of Gaza?

Understand that when you are told about dead children in Gaza – it does not weaken the guilt of terrorists but increases it.
Every dead child in Gaza is on the conscience of Hamas.

Dmitry Chernyshev 17/01/2024

We ask you to continue to spread the truth with us. The world needs to know what is happening in the Middle East.

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