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Response to Glazer’s words

A group of Jewish creators expressed their approval of Jonathan Glazer’s performance at the Oscar ceremony. This happened after more than a thousand Jewish cultural figures criticized his speech.

In response to Jonathan Glazer’s scandalous statement at the Academy Award ceremony to the group “After Glazer”, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film for “Zone of Interest”, he suggested that the tragedy of the Holocaust should not justify modern conflicts. His words about the victims of October 7 and the war in Gaza caused controversy. About 500 Jews from Hollywood condemned Glazer’s statements in an open letter, reproaching him for supporting slander. In response, David Schechter, president of the Holocaust Survivors Foundation, published his own letter expressing outrage at the use of the Auschwitz story to criticize Israel.

The Contested Statement

Glazer sparked heated discussions when he publicly renounced his Jewish roots and condemned the use of the Holocaust for political purposes. Disagreements in the public opinion of Mr. Glazer about his personality and the misuse of the memory of the Holocaust have generated controversy among colleagues. Despite the massive protest, there are those who support his freedom of expression.

However, 150 actors, directors, playwrights and other representatives of creative professions of Jewish origin expressed their support for him, despite the assessments of more than a thousand colleagues. This is reported by Variety.

Jonathan Glazer: Omitted Details from the Open Letter

Actors in support:
— Joaquin Phoenix — Elliot Gould — Chloe Fineman — David Cross — Wallace Sean — Ilana Glazer — Debra Winger

Directors and writers:
— Todd Haynes — Boots Riley — Lenny Abrahamson — Emma Seligman — Joel Cohen — Tom Stoppard

Israeli filmmakers:
— Nadav Lapid — Avi Moghrabi, they all signed a statement expressing concern about the misinterpretation of Glazer’s words and demonstrated unity in the Jewish art community.

British Director Triumphs at the Oscars

The United Kingdom celebrated the success of Jonathan Glazer, who won the award for Best International Film with the film “Zone of Interest” at the Oscar ceremony held in Hollywood on March 10, 2024. This was reported by REUTERS.

Jonathan Glazer: Omitted Details from the Open Letter

The open letter expresses regret over the sad events of October 7 and calls for the release of prisoners. At the same time, the letter omitted an explicit condemnation of the actions of Hamas and there are no calls for the organization to stop armed resistance in Gaza. The document also claims that criticism of Glazer’s statements stifles discussion in the industry and contributes to the suppression of freedom of speech and alternative opinions.

Omitted Details from the Open Letter

The open letter acknowledges the sorrow for those affected by the tragic events on October 7 and demands the release of captives. However, it omits a direct denunciation of Hamas and does not appeal to the group to lay down arms in Gaza. The letter also states that criticizing Glazer’s remarks stifles dialogue within the industry and adds to an environment where freedom of speech and alternate views are quashed.

The letter from individuals in support of the Glazer’s emphasized their ability to critique what they term as «Israel’s oppressive policies,» labeling them akin to apartheid. These Jewish supporters openly reject the misuse of their heritage and the Holocaust’s legacy to defend actions perceived by some experts and Holocaust academics as precursors to genocide. While the letter alludes to industry figures such as Spielberg and Kushner, who have condemned the loss of Palestinian lives amidst conflict, they were not signatories. Spielberg, having spoken out against the brutality of Hamas’s October actions, has directed his USC Shoah Foundation to document survivor accounts from that event, as part of a broader effort to combat contemporary antisemitism, which includes addressing its increase on U. S. college campuses.

Call for Lasting Peace

The communication concluded with a plea for an enduring halt to hostilities, emphasizing a refusal to accept a dichotomy that pits the security of Jews against the rights of Palestinians. The signatories invoked the lessons of the Holocaust with a commitment to preventing such atrocities universally with the phrase, «Never again for anyone.» Glazer’s reaction to the varied feedback on his remarks remains pending.

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