The shocking film created by Dan Par
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The shocking film created by Dan Farr brings 212 testimonies that recreate what happened at the Be’eri music festival – from the preparations the night before the party to the moments of horror and the survival attempts of the revelers during the brutal massacre by the Hamas terrorists.

#NOVA will be available for viewing on the ynet website until January 13, warning: the film includes difficult content, discretion should be exercised when viewing

NOVA, Dan Farr’s chilling film for yes and the first full-length docu to be made about the murderous massacre at the Nova Music Festival, is available to watch in its entirety on ynet until January 13, 2024, courtesy of yes docu and Castina Communications.

The film presents 212 video clips taken in real time, telephone conversations, WhatsApp conversations and voice messages – no interviews or commentary, only testimonies from the field that explain minute by minute what happened in Kibbutz Ra’im in the south on October 7, as part of a murderous attack that resulted in more than 1,200 Israelis being murdered, Hundreds kidnapped and a whole nation scarred. “The value of #NOVA# is mainly explanatory,” Ynet’s television critic wrote about him, “it serves as an indictment that cannot be argued with, that changes the viewer in a way that cannot be denied, that shakes him in a way that explanations and ideological claims can never do. In the world In which public opinion is just as important as justifying our way, this film is the first link in a chain of evidence that, although it will not bring back those who were lost, may help save future lives

Sharon Levi, managing director at yes Studios said, “We’ve all seen some clips from this day on news bulletins worldwide but to have all of this extraordinary and exclusive footage combined into one linear timeline makes for a really powerful and visceral narrative, sharing the true horror of the atrocities. It may be an extremely difficult watch for some, but this is an important film — and while we are all praying for a peaceful resolution to this centuries-old conflict — it needs to be seen.”

Warning: The film includes difficult content, discretion should be used when viewing.


For AMP adapted for mobile pages – English version – Russian version

October7thNova | updated: 24.01.2023 – Now there is no country limitation.

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