The Inevitable Regional War. John Kirby
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The Inevitable Regional War: An Analysis of U.S.-led Attacks in Yemen and the Israel-Hamas War

The recent U.S.-led attacks in Yemen and the ongoing Israel-Hamas war have ignited a regional conflict that many had dreaded but considered inevitable.


About 100 days ago, an unforeseen war erupted between Israel and Hamas, escalating the geopolitical tensions in the region. Despite efforts by U.S. President Biden and his administration to confine the conflict to its origin, the fear of a regional escalation loomed.

With the recent American-led attack on approximately 30 locations in Yemen, the apprehension of a regional war is no longer a matter of speculation. The conflict has indeed expanded regionally, and the concerns are now about the severity of this warfare and its containment possibilities.

“We’re not interested in a war with Yemen. We’re not interested in a conflict of any kind,” John F. Kirby, a White House spokesman, said. “In fact, everything the president has been doing has been trying to prevent any escalation of conflict.”

The Inevitable Regional War - Houthi fighters
Newly recruited Houthi fighters during a parade in December in Amran Province, Yemen.Credit…Osamah Yahya/EPA

President Biden’s decision to execute airstrikes, subsequently resisting the calls to action against the Yemen-based Houthi militants, indicates a distinct shift in strategy. The Houthis’ continuous attacks on Red Sea shipping were beginning to impact global commerce significantly, forcing the U.S. to retaliate.

The U.S. had issued several warnings before resorting to force. However, a series of missile and drone attacks directed at an American cargo ship and surrounding Navy vessels compelled Mr. Biden to act.

The Global Implications of the Regional War

The U.S.-led attacks and the Israel-Hamas conflict have already started to echo globally. The continuous disruption of Red Sea shipping routes by the Houthi militants is affecting international trade. Moreover, if the conflict escalates further, it could potentially draw in American forces, leading to a more significant global crisis.

The regional war is a harsh reality that the world must now confront. As the conflict intensifies, the question remains: can it be contained, and at what cost? The world watches with bated breath as the war unfolds, hoping for a peaceful resolution soon.

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