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British publicist and journalist Douglas Murray responded in an interview to South Africa’s claims that Israel is committing genocide in the Gaza Strip.

“Why would Israel commit genocide in the Gaza Strip?” the Briton asked in an interview with Eyewitness News.

In response, presenter Jane Dutton asked how he would describe what was happening in the sector?

“The war,” Murray replied. “This is what I saw up close.”

British publicist and journalist Douglas Murray

The War

“Let me explain: if you start a war, as Hamas did on October 7, it will have consequences. There are consequences for Russia, which has started a war against Ukraine. There are consequences for Hamas because it has started a war against Israel.”

The interviewer interrupted his words and said: “The consequences of the illegal occupation.” Murray replied, “Whose illegal occupation is this?”

“Israel is against the Palestinians, this is the illegal occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank,” the interviewer explained, saying that she had been to the Gaza Strip in the past.
Murray asked the question: “Is Gaza occupied by the Israelis?”

The presenter replied: “Gaza is completely isolated by the Israelis and the United States – nothing goes in or out, and you know it perfectly well.”

“If you were in the Gaza Strip, you would know that it also has a border with Egypt,” Murray explained. “And Egypt has a more significant fence that separates it from the residents of Gaza – if you haven’t noticed, before October 7, more workers and more patients entered Israel for work and entered Israel to receive necessary medical care than the number of Palestinians who left for Egypt – so who exactly is occupying?”

“There’s no point in putting out three quarters of a fire…”: Douglas Murray calls for Israel to ‘destroy’ Hamas

Douglas Murray – The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity

British publicist and journalist raises topics that have long been taboo in the West, boldly expresses his point of view and is not afraid of being judged

Douglas Murray: The war. This is what I saw up close.

The Madness of Crowds is a must-read polemic-a vociferous demand for a return to free speech in an age of mass hysteria and political correctness. The global conversations around sexuality, race, mental health and gender are heavily policed by the loud and frequently anonymous voices on social media and in the press. Once conceived as forums for open speech, social media and online networks have emboldened the mob and exacerbated groupthink-self-censorship and public shaming have become rife. As a result, Murray argues, we have become paralyzed by the fear of being criticized and have unlearned the ability to speak frankly about some of the most important issues affecting society. Murray walks against the tide of censorship. He asks us to think more openly about what we’re afraid to say; to think outside of the mob and the psychology of the crowd.

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Lorna Shiels
Lorna Shiels
3 months ago

She’s exposed her disdain for the Jewish people. Well done, Douglas Murray

Ewoud van Riessen
Ewoud van Riessen
3 months ago

1. The arabic population in this area has been displaced since 75 years.
2. They are suppressed and mocked, tortured and killed.
3. If you watch how IDF is killing civilians and laugh and enjoy. Post it online. Killing non-Hamas men, women and children out of fun and anger.
4. Why rape pregnant arab women?

Mark Shor
Mark Shor
3 months ago

Arab autonomy without a single Jew was created in Palestine
at the end of the last century.
There was no case in history that a victor in a war gave his land to a defeated enemy or fed millions of enemies for 70 years.
Jews owe Arabs neither a centimeter of land nor a shekel of benefits.

Jews in Israel are the only people who have voluntarily fed millions of enemies for over 70 years. Jews and Arabs can’t live in a mutual state and must disperse, like Greeks and Turks.

Solution of the decade – natural, fair and fast:
ALL Palestinian Arabs between the sea and the Jordan receive identity cards issued in Ramallah and pay taxes to the Arab Authority.
After 2.2 million Arabs become citizens of their state (without an army), they will pay taxes ( income tax / health tax ) in Ramallah.
All local Arabs will elect a parliament in Ramallah.
Gradually all Arabs will be absorbed in Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin, Hebron, Jericho, Abu Dis, Bethlehem, Gaza etc.

It’s time to release the “occupied” and compare the rights of Arabs in Haifa and Jaffa to the rights of Jews in Ramallah and Gaza.
Palestinian-Jordanian ☪️ citizenship, Abu Dis and Shu’afat – for Arabs,
Israeli ✡️ citizenship and Jerusalem – for Jews !

We ask you to continue to spread the truth with us. The world needs to know what is happening in the Middle East.

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