Mustafa Ayyash - killed, resurrected, arrested for financing terrorism.
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Mustafa Ayyash – killed, resurrected, arrested for financing terrorism.

Palestinian Mustafa Ayyash, who was killed by the Israeli military along with 8 members of his family, was recently detained in Vienna by the Austrian police.

Mustafa Ayyash – killed, resurrected, arrested

1:01 AM · Mar 28, 2024

“This morning, the Austrian authorities stormed the house of Mustafa Ayash, director of the Gaza Now news agency, broke down his door and arrested him after Israeli incitement against the Gaza Now news channel and false allegations of funding Hamas. They also confiscated all of his personal belongings, including laptops, phones, bank accounts, and more. We note that Ayyash tried to file a complaint against Israel after his family was martyred as a result of the continuous incitement against him, but the authorities declined to receive a complaint against the Israeli occupation

We note that the Austrian authorities have now taken control of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in Gaza and have closed all accounts.”

Four Months Before….

“Mr. Mustafa Ayyash, the founder and Director of the Gaza Now News Agency, was killed along with at least eight members of his family, including children, in an apparent airstrike on his house in Al Nuseirat Camp on 22 November. He had covered escalations of hostilities in Gaza since 2014. Ayyash’s last post on his X social media account was just prior to his own death, in which he reported that an Israeli Security Forces’ (ISF) strike in Al Nuseirat Camp had claimed the lives of his own father, mother, sister, two brothers and other extended family members.”

according to the report of the UN Human Rights Council Office in the Occupied Palestinian Territories dated 12/14/2013 “Murders of journalists and their family members in Gaza.”

Mustafa Ayyash – killed, resurrected, arrested

After the demise of …

Since then, the deceased, who ran the pro-Hamas media channel “Gaza Now” from Vienna, successfully raised a lot more money for Hamas until he was arrested by the Austrian police for financing terrorism.
The fate of the family members remains unknown.

What conclusion do we draw from this story about the afterlife?
That all the “data” about the horrors in Gaza broadcast by the UN comes from the terrorists themselves, through their associated UN offices in Palestine.
And we don’t have any other data, other than those provided by Hamas, on the situation in Gaza.

Pavel Shechtman

Gaza Now — A Controversial Media Outlet

Gaza Now is a significant platform often linked to Palestinian activism with a wide reach. It operates a Telegram channel predominantly in Arabic, boasting over 1.8 million followers. The platform also provides content in English and Russian. Previously, its Instagram account had amassed more than 1.1 million followers but is currently inaccessible, potentially due to US sanctions. Despite this, their messaging persists across various other social media platforms.

New Sanctions Announced

On March 27th, new measures were imposed on a media outlet and its chief for fundraising activities benefiting HAMAS. Additionally, penalties were leveled against two London-based companies accused of facilitating financial transactions for the same cause. The owner of these firms, British national Aozma Sultana, also faces sanctions.

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