Elon Levy: Fired for Thinking
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Fired for Thinking

On the field of information warfare, Israel behaves like a little Titanic: proudly and with an orchestra, it scoops water overboard. Recently, Benjamin Netanyahu complained that there is no one next to whom you can wage this very information war together. Today, information appeared about the dismissal of Eylon Levy, one of the few adequate people in this field.

Eylon Levy: Fired for Thinking

Eylon Levy, a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry who works in the field of foreign media, was suspended from his duties. The catalyst for this dramatic turn of events appears to be Levi’s response to a tweet from the British Foreign Minister, who called for increased humanitarian aid deliveries to Gaza. Levi’s reply, dismissing concerns over truck capacity, prompted an inquiry from the British Foreign Office regarding its status as the official stance of the Israeli government.

Response to Cameron

Cameron wrote a week and a half ago that “we continue to plead with Israel to allow more trucks into Gaza – it is the fastest way to get aid to those who need it.

Levy responded to Cameron and wrote: “There is no problem with capacity at Israeli crossings for aid trucks. Send in the trucks and they will enter.”

In response, Britain demanded an explanation from Israel and said that “as you are probably aware, the Foreign Secretary has discussed the humanitarian issue at length with the Prime Minister, with the Foreign Secretary and with Minister Dermer.”

Eylon Levy: A Biography

A new immigrant from England, a graduate of Oxford and Cambridge with work experience at The Washington Post and The Guardian, Eylon Levy is one of the few government employees whose work Israelis are truly proud of. His clever and resourceful answers to tricky questions from “anti-Israeli” foreign journalists went viral on social networks, and unlike many officials, Israelis are not ashamed of him – citizens believe that Levi adequately represents Israel and effectively defends our position in the war with Hamas.

The pitfalls

One of the scandalous news in January in the Hebrew-language segment of social networks was the message from Daphne Liel that Sarah Netanyahu is seeking the dismissal of “the most effective national propagandist” Eylon Levy due to the fact that before the war he took part in the protest movement against “legal reform”.

Eylon Levy: Fired for Thinking

Liel said that at the insistence of Sarah Netanyahu, the National Propaganda Headquarters is “taking into the shadow” the English-speaking secretary of the government, Eylon Levy. This is how Liel explained the fact that Levy, the “star” of national propaganda, has almost stopped holding briefings and appearing in TV studios in recent days.

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4 months ago

It’s a shame that Israeli government fires the one who is worth a thousand! I would have hired him as a foreign minister. The man’s got the guts and the smarts!

3 months ago

What did he say that isj’t true.

We ask you to continue to spread the truth with us. The world needs to know what is happening in the Middle East.

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