Biden's Foreign Policies: Israel and the Middle East Unpacked
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Since its inception in 1948, Israel has occupied a precarious position on the global stage, necessitating nuanced diplomatic strategies from its most powerful ally – the United States. American presidents have traditionally treaded lightly, avoiding any foreign policy that could destabilize or endanger Israel. Yet, recent actions from the Biden administration indicate a potential shift in this unspoken rule.

Middle East: A Delicate Balance

Israel, despite its robust military, strategic treaties with Egypt and Jordan, and the recent Abraham Accords, remains in a fragile position. Its existence is continuously threatened by terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis, largely backed by Iran. Iran’s disdain for Israel is well-documented, and its influence over these groups poses a significant risk.

President Biden’s recent actions indicate a potential shift in the American policy towards Israel. The president seems intent on pushing forward policies that appeal to Muslim American voters and radical Democrats, many of whom have been critical of Israel. In a bid to secure re-election, Biden is pressuring Israel to halt its operations in Gaza and is advocating the creation of a Palestinian state.

Biden's Foreign Policies: Israel and the Middle East Unpacked
Biden’s Foreign Policies

“Biden’s goal is to present himself as the president who ended the war in Gaza, united Saudi Arabia and Israel, and created a Palestinian state, regardless of Israel’s objections and the practical challenges involved.”

Iran: The Elephant in the Room

The Iran issue remains a significant concern. Despite ongoing negotiations, Iran has shown no signs of abandoning its pursuit of nuclear weapons or its objective of eliminating Israel. Its proxies continue to attack American troops, indicating Iran’s ongoing aim to dominate the region and drive the US out of the Middle East.

The Palestinian State: A Premature Idea?

The creation of a Palestinian state, without the complete elimination of Hamas, is seen as premature by Israel. The concept of a separate state seems far-fetched without the Palestinian electorate’s support for a peaceful two-state solution. Any attempts at state formation without this support might just end up rewarding the terrorists and encouraging further violence.

Biden’s Contradictory Actions

Biden’s stance on Israel, post the Hamas attack, is riddled with contradictions. While he supports Israel militarily by sending weapons and carrier strike groups, he has also sanctioned four Israeli citizens for alleged violence against Palestinians in the West Bank. This move sends mixed signals to both Israelis and Palestinians.

According to Biden’s plan, the new Palestinian state would include the Gaza Strip and most of the West Bank. The fate of approximately 500,000 Israelis living there remains uncertain. Previous discussions have hinted that Jews might not be allowed to stay, despite the fact that around 2 million Arab citizens live in Israel.

The Jerusalem Conundrum

Truth Of The Middle East

The future of Jerusalem, claimed as the capital by both Jews and Palestinians, is also uncertain. The city’s status is a contentious issue, and any decision regarding it could potentially ignite further conflict.

Despite these uncertainties, Biden has instructed the State Department to explore the possibility of creating a Palestinian state. Reports suggest that he may lobby for the UN to recognize “Palestine” as a full member, and urge other nations to recognize it immediately.

Some members of the European Union want to impose a Palestinian state on Israel without granting it voting rights. Though it remains to be seen if Biden will take such a drastic step, his attempts to defeat Donald Trump cannot be overlooked.

The Core Issue

Ultimately, the core issue is that Iran and its supporters are yet to renounce their ambition of destroying Israel. For them, this isn’t about borders or trade agreements, but about Israel’s very right to exist. The Biden administration’s policies must recognize and address this fundamental challenge.

Under these circumstances, Biden is playing with a fire that could consume the Middle East and mark the beginning of a third world war.

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