Son Of Hamas - Mosab Hassan Yousef
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“You have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m too emotional. I have the right to be emotional because I speak on behalf of the children, as a Palestinian child.”

Mosab Hassan Yousef

The son of one of the founders of Hamas, made contradictory statements during the release of the Dr. Phil in Prime time.” Growing up, Yousef witnessed the widespread anti-Semitic sentiment in Islamic culture and saw that the majority of Palestinians supported Hamas. He also condemned the pro-Palestinian activists, saying that Hamas would “ruthlessly crack down on them” and insisted that they belong in a “psychiatric hospital”.

“I spent a lot of time in the presence of Hamas with other leaders and members of the organization from different areas. I was born there and was part of this culture, part of this religion, but I hardly understood this monster. That’s why I called it a black hole. Then some people hear about Hamas or see an image of a Hamas militant with a rifle in his hands, a “freedom fighter,” and they think that supporting such a monster is a fantastic idea. That’s why I call them idiots, absolute idiots, because they don’t know what they’re supporting. They are supporting a monster that is taking over an entire society and endangering the entire Middle East, pushing the world towards a global war.”

Mosab Hassan Yousef – Son Of Hamas

“There is a lot of violence there, and what Hamas did on October 7 was an attempt at ethnic cleansing. In fact, they managed to carry out ethnic cleansing in almost twenty Jewish communities, and this shows their intentions: they want to dominate. It was a sacred mission, it’s a holy war. In Islam, killing in the name of Allah is a way of worship. Nobody likes to talk about it.”

Yousef, who was initially affiliated with Hamas but later helped Israeli intelligence, expressed his disappointment at the Palestinians’ support for Hamas and their violent tactics. He condemned Hamas’s actions as an attempt at ethnic cleansing and a manifestation of a broader desire for domination under the guise of holy war. He also pointed out how Hamas uses children to glorify terror through Palestinian education.

“They have no other reason than ideological, and some Islamic texts say that Muhammad had problems with Jews, and Muhammad is their prophet, so they follow in his footsteps,” he said. “But in fact, Muhammad did not write a single word that said anything against the Jewish people.”
“You can say that hate is one of the motives, but it’s not just hate. This is a human error. It’s envy. It’s anger.”

Useful Idiots

During a heated exchange with Palestinian human rights activists, Yousef accused pro-Palestinian activists of covering up for Hamas and participating in its crimes. He criticized Americans who support Hamas, accusing them of “not having sufficient authority to present the situation and name the so-called reason.” He further explained that Hamas’ goals pose a threat to global stability, pushing the world towards a global war.

“I tell all these students that it is very insulting to see how Americans support Hamas and think that Hamas is cool, while Hamas does not respect any of its followers. While these followers do not know that Hamas will torture and kill them mercilessly. They [Hamas] call them [American supporters] useful idiots. They don’t know that Hamas is a dark hole.”

Youssef’s criticism is also directed at universities and leftist rhetoric, which, according to him, contribute to the intensification of anti-Semitism and play into the hands of Hamas. He called for an end to support for Hamas and stressed that the group’s goal is the destruction of Israel, demonstrating the rejection of the right of the state to exist. His message is a warning about the possibility of further conflict and the need to eliminate the threat posed by Hamas.

“Young Americans who support Hamas can be explained by the fact that “most people lack purpose.” They need a reason, and they don’t exist without a reason.”

Youssef’s statements provide a unique perspective on the difficult situation in the Middle East and the role of the various parties involved. His ideas challenge conventional wisdom and emphasize the need for a deeper understanding of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. His personal experience and subsequent actions demonstrate the nuances of the realities of the region and the influence of extremist ideologies.

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