Elkana Vizel
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A Posthumous Letter

Elkana Vizel, a first grade teacher and father of four, was among 21 reservists whose deaths were announced by the IDF on Tuesday.

Elkana left a powerful letter to his family, written in the event of his death.

Vizel's letter to his family.
A Posthumous Letter from Elkana Vizel to his family.

“If you are reading these words, something has apparently happened to me.

First of all – if I have been kidnapped and I am a Hamas captive, I demand that no deal be made to release even one terrorist to free me. Our total victory is far more important than anything else, so please continue with all your might to make our victory as crushing as possible.

I may have died in battle. When a soldier dies in battle, it is sad. But I ask you to rejoice. Don’t be sad when you say goodbye to me. Sing a lot, fasten your hearts, hold each other’s hands and support each other. We have so many reasons to be proud and rejoice, we are a generation of revival and deliverance! We are writing the most significant pages of our nation’s and the world’s history. So please – be optimistic. Continue to continually choose life – a life full of love, hope, purity and faith in the best.

Look our dear ones straight in the eyes, and remind them that everything they are going through is worth it, and that they have much to live for. Live it! Don’t stop the power of life for a moment!

In Operation Unbreakable Rock, I was wounded. I had the choice to stay behind, but I do not regret for a second that I returned to combat. On the contrary – it is the best decision I have ever made.

Yours, Elkana Vizel.”

Remembering Elkana Vizel

Itamar Vizel, Elkana’s twin brother wrote this heartfelt tribute to his twin on his Facebook page:

“My heart refuses to believe the words I am writing. [My] twin brother – is no more. He fell heroically… in a battle in the Gaza Strip.” He finishes with words of the song, “Shemesh” by Hanan Ben Ari: “Then you will be like the sun forever, you will be like a bird wandering in space, you, you will be my king forever, I thank you for the path you promised me”.

Friends also paid tribute to Elkana, sharing their shock and sorrow. One friend wrote, “I can’t breathe; it is impossible to understand; the heart kicks out this hard news.”

Vizel fell in one of the fiercest battles since the war started.  The tragic incident unfolded in al-Muasi, central Gaza, around 4:00 p.m. An unexpected assault by Hamas forces involving a rocket-propelled grenade caused a total collapse of multiple adjacent structures. The offensive also triggered landmines that IDF forces had gathered, leading to the demise of 19 soldiers, including Elkana, and injuring several others.

The father of four had previously been called up to serve as a reservist in Operation Unbreakable Rock in 2014. During this operation, he was injured in battle. He spoke of his experiences in a YouTube video recorded two years ago. Elkana expressed his gratitude to God for saving him and giving him a new lease of life.

We ask you to continue to spread the truth with us. The world needs to know what is happening in the Middle East.

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