Alexander Yefymovych Rodnyansky:

 (Ukrainian: Олекса́ндр Юхи́мович Родня́нський, romanized: Oleksandr Yukhymovych Rodnianskyi; born July 2, 1961) is a Ukrainian film director, film producer, television executive and businessman. As a media-manager Rodnyansky founded the first Ukrainian independent television network 1+1 and ran Russian CTC Media, which under his management became the first Russian media company to publicly trade on NASDAQ.

During his career, Rodnyansky has produced over 30 films and more than 20 television series. Some of his most notable projects including Elena (2011), Leviathan (2014) and Loveless (2017) directed by Andrey ZvyagintsevThe Duelist (2016) directed by Aleksey Mizgirev, The Man Who Surprised Everyone (2018) directed by Aleksey Chupov and Natasha MerkulovaBeanpole (2019) directed by Kantemir Balagov, Mama, I’m Home (2021) directed by Vladimir Bitokov and Unclenching the Fists (2021) directed by Kira Kovalenko.


FakeNews. Who and why? I saw this photo on Twitter of the Times of Gaza. The caption was: “Urgent: The Israeli Air Force is conducting intensive white phosphorus bombing in the area of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.” It sounds terrible, doesn’t it? And it works. It’s scary. It’s infuriating. ⠀ The last thing I want…

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