Lending a Hand: Supporting the Affected

By donating money, you convert the monetization of your time, your strength, your life into people’s lives. It’s a continuation of your life in other people. Together we can do more.

While we at Truth Of The Middle East are not collecting donations directly, we believe in the power of sharing. We offer a list of vetted platforms where you can donate. Each of these platforms is committed to providing immediate relief, long-term recovery, and supporting those affected in their difficult days.


Donation Sites

October 7, 2023 will forever remain in our hearts as a symbol of grief and solidarity. That day shook our society, reminding us of the fragility of peace and the pain of loss. But together, we have the strength to overcome challenges and support each other.

As we remember the losses, we recognize our shared responsibility to those who have suffered. It is not only our concern for our local community, but also our support on a global level.

Stand together in solidarity to support, uplift, and rebuild

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